Solista - Age of Syzygy

The Adventure So Far...

The adventurers successfully entered the palace via the secret entrance. They found and rescued the sultan, defeating the zombies guarding him. Copperface used his scroll to open a portal to the Mastermage’s study. The adventurers were stunned then when Sultan Nkota bared his chest, revealing a horrid gem embedded in the flesh of his chest. The trap was sprung! The adventurers faced staggeringly powerful magic before finally felling the Sultan and shattering the gem. Now, Mastermage Nkosi swears revenge and readies the portal again…

Lead by Mastermage Nkosi’s advice, the adventurers trapped the Warlord’s wyvern mount before assaulting the city’s sole entrance – the Market Gate. A successful gambit, the gate is closed while a riot brews in the Ks’vere’s Beggar’s District. Next, the group must storm the palace.

Prior to Obsidian Portal…



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