Solista - Age of Syzygy

The Fate of a Tiefling

After convincing Mastermage Nkosi not to go through the portal himself, the adventurers stepped back into the throne room to find the Warlord gloating over the throne room with a handful of his undead lackeys. The warlord didn’t linger long though, but left his ghouls to clean house while he hurried to an important meeting. Arthas was felled and partial devoured by the ghouls before the rest of the group could drive the horrid creatures away. Seeing the brave avenger fall, the Frufalcon, now in the form of a newly animated mageforged, leapt through the portal to join the adventurers in destroying the last of the horrible creatures.

The adventurers hurried after the warlord, and the spied on him as he meet with an unexpected visitor – Blacksilver! The traitorous gryfolk revealed that the theives guild had been working with the enemy all along, mentioning that the dwarf and the innkeeper had been “dealt with” and that the guild would soon be taking care of the cleric in the warehouse district.

The battle with the warlord was long and intense, especially when the warlord revealed he had dominated their allies – Jerakor and Tikvah, and attempted to bend other adventurers to his will, forcing them to attack their own allies. Bloodied and with his wyvern mount immobilized, the warlord was forced to flee – only to be cornered once more.

When at last the warlord surrendered, he handed over the artifact spear Fearbringer and admitted the massacre on Kesp’s convent by the thieves guild – just to steal two other artifacts the convent guarded: a book, an orb. He confessed Havok’s goal: to conquer the mage’s tower. The adventurers had little mercy for the fallen warlord, granting him only the promise to destroy his body upon his death.

After the adventurers returned to the Mastermage’s tower, Nkosi revealed that the arcane rift in the basement of the tower was in fact a tear in the fabric of the planes. Connecting this world with the Elemental Chaos, the rift represents an immense source of power and a potential gateway to the other plane. Havok’s true intentions for the rift? Not yet know…


When will they learn, no one can out run Kesp.

The Fate of a Tiefling

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