Solista - Age of Syzygy

A Draconic Threat

The adventurers rested but the morning found the city still struggling with riots. Mastermage Nkosi entreated the group to venture out and find a lost mageforged. In the city streets, the group found a band of laborers had cornered the mageforged in an abandoned tavern – but while there they were harassed by the now masterless wyvern. The laborers were quickly dealt with, while the wyvern was more tenacious. They were joined by the dwarf Khiff – not dead after all – who later revealed that while Blacksilver had struck him down, the priestess of Avandra’s temple had saved his life.

As the wyvern fell and the last of the laborers fled, a gold dragon appeared in the sky – Havok himself. Knowing they were well outmatched, the group fled the scene. Back at the tavern, they were helpless to watch as the gold dragon began raining fire and destruction upon the city.


Silly wyvern thought he was safe flying 2 squares above me, last mistake he will ever make…

A Draconic Threat

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