Solista - Age of Syzygy

Broken Promises - A Vignette of Consequences

A shadow cloaks the hallway in darkness and a scuffle ensues between two mageforged and their unseen assailant. Umbra is a shadow dragon born in the realm of the Raven Queen and Havok’s most trusted servant. At Havok’s orders, he trepasses in the Magus Tower to find the corpse of the warlord Radze.

Elsewhere, in a quiet room in the Magus Tower, two bodies stir and move where none have the right to do. First one sits up, then the other with a ragged sigh.

The warlord and the sultan were both subject to a vile ritual from the Libris Crucius – one that allows their soul no rest and raises their undead bodies to continue their tasks under Havok’s command. But first, they must return to Havok and to do that they must escape the Magus Tower. Umbra acquires two mageforged for Radze to enthrall with his fiendish domination – and they begin their escape.

The mismatched group stealth quickly into the lowest levels of the tower and escape through the sewers. Out in the city, they stumble about the abandoned and burning Laborer’s district before splitting up to head their separate directions.

Nkota hurries to the tower and leaves a clue for his twin brother – the sultan’s leather boots next to the tower’s main gates. Unmistakable footwear made from the finest leather and given from one sibling to the other for the sultan’s coronation. That is all Nkota can do before he is compelled to rush back to the palace.

Radze toys cruely with the mageforged before sending them to their deaths at the hands of the ravaging anti-magic mobs. He agonizes in the desire to leave this city and his draconic master, but the compulsion overwhelms all things and, reluctantly, he turns back.

In a throne room accompanied by hulking undead guards, Havok speaks with Umbra when all is done. As one dragon to another, the nefarious gold confides that he has little faith in his warlord. Perhaps a better lieutenant can be found – corrupted from amid the ranks of the rightious dragonborn soliders fighting along side Orynn’s forces.



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