Solista - Age of Syzygy

Chaotic Curious

From a distance the rift appears to be a pillar of turmoil. Storm clouds roll about in equal abundance with magma and ice shards. Lightning flashes and the wind keens a threatening dirge. Nothing remains placid, all elements swirl in a vast primordial maelstrom.

The adventurers found the city largely abandoned, despite closed gates. A few stragglers cringe fearfully in their shelters and no one challenged the group as they explored the empty streets. Investigating the rift finds the tower replaced by a shifting wall of energy barely constrained by the runic wards that run the perimeter of the city walls. The truth of the city is learned. The walls, the gates, the very streets themselves are all laid with meticulous planning for this very task; a golden clasp holding together the torn fabric between two worlds. Havok is nowhere to be found, neither is his undead army, even the mocking, mutilated Blacksilver is absent. The group’s decision is unanimous: go through the rift and find Nkosi.

Forcing their way through the storm one at a time, the group found themselves tumbling through nothingness. They land on a floating chunk of rock, an earth “mote” drifting peacefully amid hundreds of others like clouds in the sky. Above them, a large wedge of earth and stone supports the Magus Tower. Eventually, the group figured out how to thrust their floating moat upwards and towards the tower, where they find themselves greeted by a mageforged servant.

A tour of the tower finds the towers residents are unharmed, and yet prisoners in their own tower. Nkosi is somehow imprisoned by the powerful ritual that holds open the rift. The priestess Akeema is helpless and has found no answers in the tower’s library. The mageforged can do nothing else except guard the doors and windows, left to the mercy of the elemental chaos. They can only report that Havok was last seen flying off into the distance, shortly before the arrival of the pirate ships.

Outside the highest level of the Magus Tower, a battle continues, oblivious to the arrival of the adventurers. An enormous ship with strange orbs of crackling thunder wheels about in the emptiness above the tower. Around it, several smaller ships with strange wing-like sails pivot and dart around the larger ship. After observing and exchanging shouts with one of the smaller ships, the intrepid party steers their bulky earth mote into the side of the larger ship and join the fray. Beset on all sides by elemental dwarves with flaming beards, they rescue a trio of gith pirates from being overwhelmed and together they set about carving a bloody path through the azers.



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