Shandrin Rhinwyn

Heir to the Marykos throne, High General of the Marykos armies, allied with Orynn


Her Highness, Princess Shandrin Rhinwyn is the eldest of five siblings, having three sisters and an infant brother. Her mother is Queen Ophala Rhinwyn II, current ruler of Marykos.

It is also Marykos tradition that the heirs of the throne become acting High Generals during times of war. Shandryin’s siblings are all beneath the age of reckoning, so the solemn duty fell to her to lead Marykos’ generals to meet with Orynn and unite their armies against the undead scourge. While Marykos’ soliders respect her greatly as she has displayed insight and fortitude in the face of such a horrid enemy, Orynn’s generals barely tolerate her and often attempt to undermine her efforts to help the war effort.

It is considered an idiosyncrasy by other human kingdoms that Marykos’ law does not differentiate eligible heirs and responsibilities by gender. The law simply states the eldest child is heir, ergo Marykos has a rich history of being ruled by both kings and queens.

Shandrin Rhinwyn

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