Mysterious Eladrin necromancer working for Havok


This strange eladrin turned her talents to necromancy after an encounter with a shadow crossing. While seeking more sources of profane magic, she unearthed the Libris Crucius and quickly moved from mere skeleton meddling to larger and more vile acts of necromancy. Her work drew the attention of Havok, who enlisted her aid in his conquering of Ks’vere and later expanding to the seige on Orynn.

Destroyed before she could complete the ritual that would doom the gryfolk, Viscera’s body withered, showing her true horrid nature, then turned to dust and blew away in the wind.

  • Viscera resided in the abandoned Sandstrin Tower, on the northwestern-most edge of Orynn’s boundaries.
  • Viscera was guarded by Umbra, a shadow dragon commanded by Havok.
  • The Libris Crucius was not among her belongings in the tower.
  • The PCs have taken residence in the Sandstrin Tower, making it their base of operations.


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