General Purveyor of Kung Fu


Current XP: 42500


Kesp was born to a poor elven bar maid who decided she couldn’t/didn’t want to take care of him when he turned 4. She coerced some traveling merchants to drop him off at the local monastery hoping that they would take him in. When the head master of the monastery first laid eyes on Kesp he knew he was something special, he decided to train Kesp personally. The head master was strict but fair with Kesp, and after a short while he became like a father to him. Kesp’s progress with in his training was quick in comparison to most of the students in the monastery, most of the students grew to dislike him due to this. He often had to defend himself against the other students and quickly realized that he enjoyed the rush of combat, which also prompted him to practice harder.

Kesp would go on errands for the monastery, during these errands he found his mothers bar and was able to talk with her. She was not sad for what she had done, but did inform him that he had a younger half human brother. Curious and anxious to meet his brother Kesp tracked him down and took a small hiatus from the monastery to get to know his brother. They became fast friends.

After the hiatus from the monastery Kesp’s master brought him back into a locked room and explained to him why the monastery was so important, he informed Kesp of the ancient and dangerous relics that the order was protecting and though he did not go into any extreme detail he did get the point across that if the relics were to fall into the wrong hands very terrible things would undoubtedly happen.

On his way home from one of his errands he saw smoke billowing up from the monastery. As he grew closer he started to travel faster, he knew something wasn’t right. When he entered the monastery every one had been slaughtered. His master was still barely alive and informed him that thieves had broken in and stolen the relics, after informing Kesp his master died. Struck by grief Kesp cut off his masters hand and put it into a pouch to be a constant reminder of what had happened to his order. Then he left what was left of the monastery and headed to the nearest town to infiltrate the thieves guild and see if he could get answers to who had obliterated his order.

That’s where we meet our Hero…


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