Nkosi Rahseek

Mastermage of the Elemental Tower in Ks'vere


Twin brother of Nkota Rahseek, Sultan of Ks’vere

Inherited his status as the Mastermage when his mentor, the previous mastermage, died in an arcane ritual.

Helped create the mageforged, and rescued Fenwir Frufalcon from a life as a brain-in-a-jar.

As master of the tower, he is sworn to protect the Elemental Rift from misuse or destruction. As his brother’s only living heir, he feels a strong obligation to protect the people of Ks’vere but is conflicted by his responsibilities as the master of the tower.

Nkosi has been a ally and a friend to the adventurers, and has allowed them ample use of the resources of the tower.

Nkosi Rahseek

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