Artifact Spear

weapon (melee)


A shining mithril spear covered with runes along the shaft and a cruel-looking blade.

Weapon: Spear
Enhancement: + 3 attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +3d4 + 3d4 Psychic damage

Communication: Telepathic
Persona: Sukohamen-ter
Alignment: Unaligned
Languages: Common
Skills: Sukohamen-ter is trained in Intimidate and may make checks for the player or aid the players intimidate checks. Sukohamen-ter’s Intimidate skill is +18

Powers Summary

Cunning Deception
Power (At-Will * Illusion): Free Action. The spear appears as a simple tarnished silver spear, you or the spear may end the illusion as a free action. If the spear attempts to end this action against the will of the wielder, it must first succeed an Intimidate check versus the wielders Will.

Frightful Viciousness
Power (Encounter, Special * Fear): Immediate Reaction, when enemy target becomes bloodied.
Effect: The target is stunned until the end of your next turn.
Secondary effect: The target must move at least 3 squares away from you at the start of its turn. If the target fails to move away from you, it becomes dazed (save ends).

Horrifying Strike
Power (Daily * Weapon, Fear): Immediate reaction, when enemy target is reduced to 0 hp. Zone close burst 3, the zone is stationary and persists until the end of the encounter. While the zone persists, Fearbringer may use the following power:
Immediate reaction, when an enemy within the zone makes an attack that misses
Intimidate skill +18 vs Will; Success: the enemy is stunned (save ends or until the enemy takes damage).

5 Starting score
+1d10 Owner gains a level
+2 Owner forces an enemy of equal level or higher to surrender in combat (maximum 1/day)
+1 Owner defeats a non-minion enemy in combat (maximum 1/day)
+1 Owner gains a success in a skill challenge with the use of Intimidate (maximum1/day)
-1 Owner flees from combat (maximum 1/day)
-1 Owner falls unconscious or is rendered helpless during combat
-2 Owner surrenders to an enemy in combat

Pleased (16-20) “My enemies are driven before me in pure terror.”
The Fearbringer is pleased with what the wielder has accomplished. Its runes emanate a dim blueish glow during combat.
Property: You gain resist 10 psychic damage and gain Horrifying Strike

Satisfied (12-15) “Together, we will conquer the world!”
The Spear feels the wielder is on the path to greatness and aids them in every way it can.
Property: Gain Frightful Viciousness

Normal (5-11) “I will strike fear in the hearts of my foes.”
The Spear wants the wielder to be indomitable and urges them to combat at every opportunity.
Property: You gain resist 5 psychic damage and gain Cunning Deception

Unsatisfied (1-4) “I must prove myself worthy.”
The Spear wishes its wielder would become bold and fearless. It telepathically mocks any actions it perceives as cowardly.
Special: When the Fearbringer uses Cunning Deception against the will of the wielder, it gains an additional circumstance bonus to its Intimidate check equal to its concordance value.

Angered (0 or lower) “I have no such intentions, so it seeks to be rid of me.”
The Fearbringer is uncontrollable; the staff will attempt to acquire a more deserving owner. Property: Gain a -5 penalty to Intimidate checks.
Special: The Fearbringer does not need to make an Intimidate check to use Cunning Deception against the will of its wielder.


The Fearbringer is a mithril spear that once belonged to a pharaoh who conquered most of Solista eons ago. At his side was his trusted advisor, a cunning mage who urged the pharaoh constantly to war and conquer. The mage’s specialty was fear spells that demoralized the enemy into fleeing or surrendering quickly. The Pharaoh eventually fell in battle and the mage was entombed with his king; it is debated whether it is the pharaoh’s soul, or the mage’s soul that actually inhabits the spear. The personality within will not say.

The spear has the ability to disguise itself to look like a tarnished silver spear. When possessed by a worthy owner, the owner sees its true appearance: a shining mithril spear covered with runes along the shaft and a cruel-looking blade. The owner can command the spear to disguise itself, although the spear gets bored if disguised all the time and changes itself back frequently.


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