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  • Shandrin Rhinwyn

    Her Highness, Princess Shandrin Rhinwyn is the eldest of five siblings, having three sisters and an infant brother. Her mother is Queen Ophala Rhinwyn II, current ruler of Marykos. It is also Marykos tradition that the heirs of the throne become …

  • Sgt. Sam

    Semi-retired solider of the Orynn army, in charge of body reclamation and interment at the old Durenson farmstead. He and his wife, Mildra, was kidnapped by bandits and subsequently rescued by the PCs.

  • Nkosi Rahseek

    Twin brother of Nkota Rahseek, Sultan of Ks'vere Inherited his status as the Mastermage when his mentor, the previous mastermage, died in an arcane ritual. Helped create the mageforged, and rescued Fenwir Frufalcon from a life as a brain-in-a-jar. …

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