Solista is located in a southern temperate zone – basically it would be south of the Tropic of Capricorn.

It rains a lot in Ti’il. A LOT. Tropical rainforest – the Ti’il mountains stop the heavy rain laden clouds and they shed their rain in the hot steamy forests.

Come south down the coast to Karn – here we have more temperate forests, also a lot of lowlands with swamps, lakes, water meadows, and by the coast: salt marshes.

the southern coast is temperate with mixed forests and a fairly classic summer/winter cycle. The winter storms are particularly harsh. Summers can get a bit uncomfortable in the cities like Brana Hawk and the cities in Marykos, but in the surrounding areas, the summers are considered perfectly pleasant.

Heading north: Orynn is Solista’s fertile plains, also temperate with fair summers and snowy winters – the further north you go winters graduate to being milder.

The hotter parts of Solista are the savannahs north of the Norend Mountains and the desert of Ks’vala, north of Orynn, is the hottest. The worst parts of Ks’vala are much like Death Valley. Surrounded by mountains, cut off from the rains from east and west, and most rain from the south dumps out over the fertile grasslands, combined with low elevation turn the place into a harsh badland where only the grittier races and individuals choose to live.

On the west coast are the temperate rainforest – the ancient forests of the Esterwilds have thick trees over 500 feet tall. For reference, the tallest known real is a redwood that is 379 feet tall – and it’s an evergreen. The trees in the Esterwilds are mostly mixed deciduous & evergreen trees (about 60/40 mix). The dominant trees are maple-like trees, but about five times as high with thick straight trunks (the gryfolk favor these trees for their houses). This area sees warm but not unbearable summers, with ample rains from the west coast. Winters are cold and stormy. It snows more in Marykos than in Tash’yk.


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