Deities are sorted two ways: deities unique to Solista, and deities from other sources that have influenced Solista.

Unique Deities

Canon Deities

Many Names, Few Faces

Most gods are more multifarious than mortals ever realize. Greater gods are the ultimate embodiment of several things, even conflicting ideals, like good and evil in one. Greater gods have no singular true name, they answer to the idea of who/what they are. Demigods, primordials, or other powerful entities are all far less complex than greater gods, but they also often have no hesitation about assuming alternate identities for their various agendas and being worshiped as gods. Thus, gods rise and fall as often as the seasons change. Divine classes function without choosing a god – you place faith in ideals, you don’t need to know a god’s name or his prayers or even his agenda to be able to call upon his power.

Solista multifacted deities example:
Many marru worship a harsh god, Atun the Destroyer, the gryfolk revere Gryfoh the Sky Father, the lapruni revere Frith, and almost every human knows the name of merciful Pelor. Truly wise and learned scholars know that these titles all reference the same god: reflected in different aspects associated with the sun. Its more than just a different translation of the same name – Atun is an angry, merciless god that demands fear, not love, as he destroys the weak and challenges the strong to withstand brutal punishment. Gryfoh is a wild warrior, savoring strength and honorable combat above all else. Frith is often clever and tricky, while Pelor is beloved by many for he is wise, just, and beneficent.

Some scholars have estimated there are really only 3-5 gods that actually exist (the theory of 3 is the most popular: a creator, a destroyer, and a neutral middle entity) and some esoteric theories so go as far to say there is actually only one god that chooses to present itself it thousands of aspects. Most theories accept that true gods are too complex for mortal minds to comprehend, necessitating the need to split off into minor aspects of themselves in order to interact with such lesser beings.


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