Solista - Age of Syzygy

The Aftermath

Five years ago an ambitious tiefling captain of the Orynn army disappeared with an entire platoon of men into the Ks’valan wastelands. He reappeared two years later with an enormous undead army. Swiftly and brutally, they attacked and conquered the city of Ks’vere and then began an all-out assault on the Orynn Empire.

The Warlord’s army engaged in strange tactics, sometimes intentionally engaging in losing fights and at first Orynn felt certain of victory but when the Warlord’s armies withdrew, they took with them any fallen soldiers they could lay hands on. In short time, these fallen warriors were raised as undead and fighting against their own comrades and the Warlord’s hordes grew rapidly.

About seven months into the war, two amazing things happened. First, an army of strange dragon people marched out of the Norend Mountains and announced they were there to help fight off the undead horde. Less noticeably, a strange woman emerged from the Esterwilds. She claimed that she was sent here by the Raven Queen to save Solista from a horrible fate. As she traveled to Orynn, she recruited a small number of protectors who believed her prophecies.

Eventually, the tide of the war turned, and Orynn and its allies began pushing back the undead armies and the strange woman and her companions found and eliminated the Warlord’s necromancer before infiltrating the city and also striking down the Warlord himself. The Warlord’s fall revealed to the world the true mastermind of the war: an ancient gold dragon with strange and terrible motivations. Thwarted, the gold dragon seized control of the mage’s tower in Ks’vere and unleashed it’s power to create a rift between this world and the Elemental Chaos. Through this, the dragon escaped. The strange woman and her guardians followed: their intentions to both stop the dragon and find a way to seal the rift.

That was five years ago, and neither the dragon nor the woman have been seen since while the rift remains open. Those that remember the woman and her companions believed that they are dead, or lost. Meanwhile, Solista’s kingdoms struggle with the dangers of an open elemental rift.



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