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“…So then Gryfoh gathered up all the cast off pieces and created the kenku – which means ‘little one’ in the old words. The Sky Father was pleased with his littlest creations and blessed them and sent them to live among the gryfalkyr.”

- Gryfalkyr History of the Twelve Tribes

“So Het’ra the First turned to all the tribes and said ‘This little one has saved our tribes from our own foolishness, and proven herself a true warrior. She saved my life, and my honor with her cunning and bravery. Hereafter, I delcare that Kiri and all her children shall no longer be called ’kenku’. We shall know them as ‘kenkara’, little warriors, forever after this day. "

- Kirikara and the Twelve Tribes (Gryfolk Oral History)

Kenkara are often misunderstood as a servant or slave caste, but to use such a prosaic label would be inaccurate if not entirely insulting to the race. In the tribal-caste system of the gryfolk culture, the kenkara play a very important role. Kenkara fulfill many domestic duties, acting much like stewarts of a household, but they also serve as guardians and warriors. They are highly relied upon and respected for their skills to such degree that some gryfolk will compete for the services of a reputable kenkara. A gryfolk household is not complete without a kenkara clan also residing there and gryfolk house without at least one kenkara quickly earns a reputation as an untrustworthy name.

When gryfolk go to war, kenkara are rarely seen in their ranks. Enemies that make the mistake of thinking that gryfolk are foolish enough to leave their homeland unprotected quickly learn otherwise. Kenkara are vicious and deadly in combat. They work in groups with guerrilla tactics, using stealth, surprise, and home advantage against invaders. While kenkara may travel extensively within the gryfolk homeland, few ever go beyond their borders without good reason. A particularly important gryfolk might include a kenkara in their entourage when traveling for long periods of time, but not always. Kenkara that do leave on their own to adventure are viewed with good nature. Most believe these wanderers are drawn by the spirit of Kirikara, a heroic kenkara of legendary wit and cunning that traveled the world helping creatures and outsmarting evil.

Kenkara are debated to be either another caste of gryfolk or, more likely, a full sub-species of gryfolk. In either case, kenkara do not intermarry with gryfolk.


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