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  • Capitol: Tiathos
  • Government: Monarchy
  • Population: Humans, halflings, gryfolk, dwarves, elves

Queen Ophala Rhinwyn II rules Marykos with great favor of the nobles and the general populace. Her daughter and heir, Princess Shandrin Rhinwyn is also a favorite among the common folk, particularly for her williness to lead Marykos’ armies to ally with Orynn against the undead hordes.

Marykos is located on the southwest coastal edge of Solista. Their territory extends as far east as the Dragon’s Tail Mountains, and all the way west to the Weskaro Ocia. To the north, they border Tash’yk, the gryfolk nation.

Tiathos, the kingdom’s capitol, is the largest city in Marykos and is located on the banks of the river Celedanas. Nuuakos is the second largest city being the main port city located at the mouth of the Celedanas where it empties into the Southsea.

Marykos is a culture living on a frontier. They are sturdy, no-nonsense, sort of people, generally not impressed by the richer eastern kingdoms. Despite being often smaller and often overlooked, their small but well trained armies are sufficient to keep other kingdoms from encroaching upon their boarders.

General Information
Marykos law allows any race or gender to hold titles, rank, land, or weapons. They have a rich lumber economy, and thanks to a trade agreement with the gryfolk, Marykos traders do well exporting Tash’yk goods to other markets.


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