Black Knights

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You do not understand why the Queen has such interest in protecting this rift? Perhaps you should return to your history books.
—Father Corvus, Commander of the Black Knights

The war had not even ended when Father Corvus claimed the abandoned city of Ks’vere for his small band of followers. In the wake of Havok’s destruction, the ex-mercenary wrested control of the gates from the gryfolk Blacksilver, gaining control of the city and driving out Blacksilver and his cronies. Furthermore, the mageforged that roam the city seem to give Corvus a degree of deference. They respect his instructions and assist his knights in managing the ruined districts. Some mageforged have gone further and taken oaths to join the knighthood, which Corvus accepts – he declares all mageforged just as equal as the myriad of races that join the ranks of his organization.

The majority of Knights stay in the city – there are many that would take advantage of the power of the elemental rift and the state of the abandoned city. Father Corvus forbids looting of the abandoned businesses and homes, only food supplies were commandeered without hesitation as even the most durable rations would spoil eventually in the desert heat. As those supplies run low and the Knights continue to need new arms, armor, and other supplies, Father Corvus has turned to Orynn and Marykos for contributions. For these, Corvus sends his most charismatic knights as his emissaries remind the nations that his knights protect their lands from ravaging elementals and other creatures from the Elemental Chaos. For still other missions, he sends his most capable knights to act as his hands in the world.

Playing a Black Knight

The Black Knights accept applicants from all races and classes, but all applicants must meet Father Corvus’ exacting standards as well as keeping to the knights tenets.

Creed of the Black Knights

  • Do not fear death, embrace our Queen willingly
  • Stamp out the undead abominations left behind by the Betrayer
  • Drive back the elementals, they are not meant to be in this world
  • Protect the rift from corruption and evil forces
  • Watch always for the Raven Queen’s omens, she will make her will known to us through them.
  • Black Knights

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