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There aren’t a lot of them, thankfully. Any objections/suggests are gladly heard – post it on the forum!

Some races have additions, please see individual race entries.

Insight: This skill is treated as the knowledge skill for Psionics.

Aid Another
The DC to Aid Another is 10/12/15 per tier
A successful Aid Another grants a +2/4/6 bonus per tier

Healing Surges
Pushing the Limit: Miss any attack, saving throw, or skill check roll by one point, player can spend a healing surge to gain a +1 to that roll.

Extended Rests
Extended rests can only be taken after at least one milestone and the characters must have a reasonably safe and secure location to rest in.

Momentum Bonus
For every encounter the party completes without taking an extended rest the party gains a cumulative +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls.

Minor Action: Jump up from Prone: provoke an opportunity attack from any adjacent enemies.
Move Action: Stand up from Prone: still usable as written.

Fortune Cards & Encounters rewards: Allowed, one or the other


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