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Humans have spread across southern and central Solista and while the most populous, they still face many struggles that keep them from dominating the continent.
Marykosians claim their ancestors crossed the Boiling Sea and landed on the shores of the Esterwilds. Humans from Marykos tend to be dark skinned, have strong facial features, with eyes of any color.

Humans from Orynn most commonly have fair complexions, with light colored hair and with green to blue eyes being the most frequent shades. The noble lines of Orynn display these traits with fine, even facial features. The common folk of Orynn tend to be slightly less fair and a bit rougher around the edges.

Karn male
Humans from Karn are fair skinned with dark hair and dark eyes. Karn nobility are known for their exceptionally beautiful features and gray eyes which make them stand out amid the common peoples.

Humans from Ks’vala have tanned complexions and dark hair that is often cropped short.


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