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Solista simple map

The World of Ghyll

Solista is a southern continent in the world of Ghyll. The other main continents are largely unknown to Solistans but they are Ghyr, Naltheria, and Ustlan. Naltheria is closest to Solista, being north of equator and east. Occasional travelers have crossed the oceans between but the distance and the dangers make such trips rare. Ghyr is almost mythical – a frighteningly far away land of savage monsters and even more savage peoples. Ustlan is a cold land far to the south across an icy ocean.




Reading the Entries

Each entry follows a general format like this:

NAME — This will be most commonly known name of the land

  • Capitol: If it has one, the capitol city will be listed here.
  • Government: The general type of government is named here, further details may be included below.
  • Population: This section will list the top five races populating the location, in order from greatest to least. Anything not listed may still live there, but have only a negligible population.

    Kings, queens, leaders, and similar persons of note will be described in this section. If they are also NPCs, they will be linked accordingly.

    Places of particular interest may be mentioned here, as well as any relevant information about the geography, major cities, ruins, etc.

    This section will mention any particulars about the local culture, most of it will be common knowledge.

    General Information
    A catch-all section for any additional information that needs to be noted too.


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